First Name :   John
Email (Optional) :
Location :   NYC
Comment :   Great hearing you and meeting you at Graeme Park! Your CD is wonderful A bheil Gàidhlig agad? I read an interesting article online that you might like: Sl

First Name :   Carla
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Horsham, PA
Comment :   Cant wait to meet you and see you perform at Graeme Parks Celtic Festival. Its going to be a great weekend.

First Name :   Annabelle
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Pittsburgh
Comment :   LOVE Melinda Crawfords playing. She is a real talent and is so emotional in her interpretations, be it lively, or my favorites--the laments.

First Name :   Mark
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Wilmington, Delaware
Comment :   Melinda, I was fortunate to be seated next to the sound guy (geez) on the grand stand today at Fair Hill. Your performance was the highlight of the day without exception. Best of success with your docorate. Hope to be able to see you performe in the futur

First Name :   John
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Highland Gathering
Comment :   Enjoyed your playing, but enjoyed sitting and listening to your masterclass for intermediate fiddlers teaching them commin thro Kilbleen. Gave the tune to daughter who plays violin and is a junior in high school looking at colleges (business/music).

First Name :   Ken
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Palm Coast, FL
Comment :   Your music stirs the soul. Absolutely wonderful!

First Name :   Susan
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Chagrin Falls, OH
Comment :   I heard you today at Maize Valley, and I was so impressed! I didnt get to hear much since you were on right before my daughter danced, I but I caught the last 4 songs of your set. I especially liked the lovely air that was the 2nd to last song of the set.

First Name :   Royce
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Fair Hill, MD
Comment :   Saw you at the Fair Hill games Saturday. Caught a little of your work last year so intended to see more this year. Wonderful performances! Thank you so much! I got your cd and love it. Will be watching for your new cd. Good luck and God bless, Royce

First Name :   Caryn
Email (Optional) :   
Location :   
Comment :   Hey! I really enjoyed your gig today at the resaurant! I wish I couldve stayed longer, but Id already missed ensemble rehearsal, and didnt want to bee late for Jr. Phil too! haha I really enjoyed your playing though! It was really nice of you to take time

First Name :   Jim Gray
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Dublin, Ohio
Comment :   Melinda, think of you, and mention your name, every time Irish Fiddle Fetish goes out and plays! Remember teaching them Aird Ranters. Its one of our standard tunes and our audiences love it. Thanks! Would love to have you come back and work with us again

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