Date :   09-19-07
E-Mail :
Location :   n.barington il
Comments :   would like to talk with odd job bob majica

Name :   LaBarbera
Date :   9-3-07
E-Mail :
Location :   here
Comments :   Gary Glowinski at Parade Rest Our friend of nearly 50 years, and drum corps brother, is gone. Gary, finally, no longer suffers from the brain tumor, surgeries, treatments and miserable months that altered his life and halted his marching. Some of

Name :   kenn
Date :   7-7-07
E-Mail :
Location :   billings mt
Comments :   i wish you all the success in the world!!! from a kiltie that loved the Royal Airs!

Name :   vince kunie
Date :   07=02-07
E-Mail :   
Location :   new jersey
Comments :   i do not have e mail at this time however my cell phone is 9089306130 i would love a copy of your 1964 music its great my address is 99 remsen ave avenel new jersey 07001 i marched with a few good corps in my time but i love your horn line please con

Name :   Edwina Arnett Parker
Date :   6-5-2007
E-Mail :
Location :   Ohio
Comments :   GO BIG BLUE--Thank you for keeping the spirit in the air! How awesome to know you are out there. Special thanks go out to King Louie Klozik!! Great to see you one more time for old times sake. CHICAGO ROYAL AIRS--the greatest show on earth. Best wishes, E

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