Your name :   Mary Brantley
Your comment :   I enjoyed visiting your site. One of my students is studing you so thought I would take a look. I also lived in Juneau;do you ever incorporate that states beauty into your art?
Your name :   Marshall nutotech Such
Your comment :   Nice stuff, Rod. Interesting landscapes and quite varied. Id say your strength is in the abstract. Very impressive. And nice to see someone working in oils instead of acrylics!
Your name :   Megan
Your comment :   Nice site, great artwork! Cheers!
Your name :   dee meyers
Your comment :   These are beautiful Rod!
Your name :   Judith M.A.C.
Your comment :   I love your abstract paintings. I, too, am an abstract artist but have been in a real funk for months. Your work has inspired me to begin working again. Thank you for posting on Craigs List so I could see your work. :)))
Your name :   Noah Quitugua
Your comment :   As an islander artist, youre multi-talented. Great stuff you got.
Your name :   Jim Williams
Your comment :   got here via OVATIONTV website, and enjoy your work... and that Pollock is your main man. I feel the same, and am struggling to move some creative juices toward the visual arts I love. Good luck to us both.
Your name :   Lieke
Your comment :   Het is erg mooi en heel goed! (It is realy beautiful en very good) groetjes uit Nederland (the Netherlands)
Your name :   rodziah ahmad tajuddin
Your comment :   it is quite abstarct to interprete yet its amazing works.
Your name :   andrew herrick
Your comment :   from ault colorado i was looking at Peek-A-Boo for a class project
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