Date :   06-23-2014
Name :   Carolyn Brock Pugh
Email :
Comment :   We just had an appreciation service for Rev. James Brock, who started the first UPC church in Charlotte, N.C. You and your family were in our church, we used to pick you up and carry you to church. Rev. Johnny Garrison was with us this past week-end and I

Date :   3/25/13
Name :   Daniel Ward
Email :
Comment :   Hi guys love and miss you,keep me in your prayers

Date :   12/22/2012
Name :   Rev. David Bridges
Email :
Comment :   Love the web site. Cant wait to see everyone tomorrow. We pray nothing but great blessings on your Church Family.

Date :   11-2-11
Name :   kerby yarbrough
Email :
Comment :   hey Marcus and Tonia love you both. Bro Kerby

Date :   October 25, 2011
Name :   Danny Ray Istre
Email :
Comment :   I had the opportunity to visit Truth Tabernacle this summer in August. My in-laws Rev. Harold & Alice Spears started the church in the 70s. Gayle ( my wife ) is their daughter, wasnt able to visit with me, but we plan on returning at some time. We were ex

Date :   4-06-2010
Name :   betty peirce
Email :
Comment :   I was viewing the pastor appreciation video, and wanted to say that was so sweet.It made me cry. And I would also like to say you are the some of the greatest people I have known. And sister huntley is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met. Kee

Date :   9-28-2009
Name :   Al & Rose Alvarado
Email :
Comment :   Greetings in JESUS name. It has been a long time since we last seen you all. My wife and I are retired and we travel here and yonder. Currently we are in Michigan. We attend South Flint Tabernacle pastored by Bro. Robert Henson whenever we are in the vici

Date :   8/22/2009
Name :   shawn walters and family
Email :
Comment :   I love all of you and we miss you all i hope to be seeing you soon i really enjoy looking at the website good job john and god bless you all please call me sometime 728-9883 we are thinking of you all

Date :   Aug. 1st, 2009
Name :   LaNell (Woodard) Clarke
Email :
Comment :   Susan, love your web-site. It is great that you have this. Gods blessing on you all. LaNell R. Clarke

Date :   6/24/2009
Name :   Gary L. Day
Email :
Comment :   You have a very nice website. I enjoyed the honoring of your Minister/wife for 25 yrs. I have to say Bro Hunleys Bro is maybe my favorite Preacher again and again. What a Heritage we as Pentecostals have . General Licensed Minister: Gary L. Day PS, Gerald

Date :   11/04/2008
Name :   Rosa Hollifield
Email :
Comment :   I came here when i was 21, I came from Arizona and am still here and just would like to say I love you Bro and Sister Huntley and appreaciate you

Date :   02-05-08
Name :   Matthew Taylor
Email :   revtaylor1970@sbcglobal
Comment :   Glad to see you guys again.

Date :   9/14/2007
Name :   MIchael Lukomski
Email :
Comment :   Hey I thought that I would just drop a line and say that I love this church and everyon that is in it and I just want to say thank you to everyone for praying me through....

Date :   May 2 2007
Name :   Vickesha Williams
Email :
Comment :   I love what u believe and that u keep it. Do not give up, God is always there!

Date :   4/27/2007
Name :   Anthony Coffey
Email :
Comment :   Well what can I say, except great job. I was looking at your video and pictures and had to choke back some tears. Miss you all. Ashley says hello. Hope to see you in the summer.

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