First Name :   Dixon
Favorite toast :   Cinnamon pecan
Comments :   Greetings, Angus, I had hoped to see you again at a Louisiana Book Festival! Hope all is going well your way -- and that your book sales are up. I like your web site. Im writing to you today with a special request. I was encouraged to collect

First Name :   Stacie
Favorite toast :   butter and grape jelly
Comments :   On the advice of the eternally humorous Troy Rosamond I was told to seek out your works and read them! So I have and so far Im impressed, really loved Hampton Figs. I think you have a new fan!

First Name :   Edwinna
Favorite toast :   Burned
Comments :   What gave you the inspiration to write and how old were you when you started writing?

First Name :   Suzanne
Favorite toast :   with melted butter
Comments :   Hey Angus, I enjoyed your reading today at the Baton Rouge Gallery. I am reading the short stories now and enjoying them. Take care! Suzanne Carpenter

First Name :   Angie
Favorite toast :   still like whole wheat & jam
Comments :   Angus, We met at Taos 2 years ago. Just wanted to see what you are up to. Looks like youve been busy submitting and being accepted. Wish I could say the same. Did you ever publish your memoir? I am still working (slowly) on mine. Maybe someday the planet

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