Name :   Paul
Comment :   Looks Great!
Name :   Newberry
URL :   
Comment :   Would like to see your film screen at Westside Los Angeles theater , Like WGA screen.
Name :   carlyle a smith
URL :   
Comment :   Greetings to you. Enjoyed seeing your Dad in Church, Dan
Name :   Corey Jacobson
URL :   
Comment :   I feel for you! The best animated films ever made were by you all!!
Name :   Onil Chibas
Comment :   Hey Dan, Congratulations!! I will be there at the screening. Glad to hear things are going so well. See you later at the premiere. Onil P.S. I want a Dream On Thong! ;-)
Name :   bobby felder
Comment :   this site is very nice. i will come back to it to stay abreast of new and exciting information
Name :   Michael
URL :   
Comment :   I am a big fan of 2d animation, and it is sad what Eisner did to all the animators. I hope this movie comes to NY state soon.
Name :   Susan Rutter
Comment :   Knowing several animators and thier passion for their craft; the world has been cheated by the greed aaand shortsightedness of a few. Walt always wanted to keep things fresh , but not by cutting down the tree. I revel in the Classics.. It is all we have t
Name :   David Lim
URL :   
Comment :   I missed the Newport Beach showing, I am looking forward to watching this at the Alex Theatre. I know one day Disney Animation will be restored to its former glory.
Name :   Greg Fortier
URL :   
Comment :   California is a little far to travel for a movie for me, living in New Hampshire, but I hope that this documentary is reproduced in a buyable format some time in the future. I think that Disney has fallen prey to the idea that Faster, Easier is not always
Name :   John Mills
URL :   John Mills
Comment :   Our family always loved the Disney style of animation ART. It is sad and yet another signal that the name Disney is being slowly changed from the animation standard others aspired to strive for, to just another faceless drone in the mindless pack.
Name :   nicholas
Comment :   Hey, will your film be available for an Australian audience? Thanks Nicholas
Name :   Vicki Pasquin
Comment :   I have always thought that the way the Animators have been treated thanks to Michael Eisner was just horrible.
Name :   Shawn Bylander
Comment :   I am extremely unhappy at the appalling lack of judgement of the Disney board in granting Eisner even one more day of employment. My heart goes out to the animators.
Name :   Kathi Booth
Comment :   I cant even stand to watch Disneys animated features these days. I wish they would bring back real animation. There is no quality to the animation today, just quantity.
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