Name :   Kfitko
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Comment :   Great site! Thanks! Preved!
Name :   Lopedav
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Comment :   At you a remarkable site. Very interestingly! Continue in the same spirit! Thanks!!!
Name :   Angelica
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Comment :   very nice site and guestbooks but please give more regular updating
Name :   text
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Comment :   Oh! very nice site!
Name :   Sergej Brin
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Comment :   Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
Name :   Melisa
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Comment :   I like this page. Nice work !
Name :   dina
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Comment :   
Name :   Karen Shaffer-Rockey
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Comment :   Hi Dr. Achamallah- I came across your paintings website. I really like the ones from 2005 very much. I hope you are doing well. When I left CA and moved to Phila. I stayed in clinical research. Ill keep you in mind if we ever need investigators for CNS
Name :   dan evans
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Comment :   glad I found it.
Name :   Ketan Shah , India
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Comment :   Liked most of your paintings.The colours are so bright and the compositions very well balanced.I am an occassional painter too and I wish I had more time to paint !!
Name :   Titi
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Comment :   I found the site while surfing i am so Glad to see it
Name :   Jan
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Comment :   visited Pence gallery show, great work. Jan
Name :   Susan Colligan
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Comment :   Greetings...Howie Taekman and I visited your exhibit @ Pence on Wed...great work and we really enjoyed your event...Susan
Name :   Madeleine
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Comment :   I saw some of your paintings displayed at the public library. There is a vividness and smoothness in your use of pure colours. There was a nice level of opacity or transparency. Peace.
Name :   greg moon
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Comment :   Like I was saying at JM: I love your work!
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