Name :   Jimmy B
email :   
Comment :   Nice work
Date :   12/30/2012
Name :   Melinda Wallace
email :
Comment :   Hello old friend. Through the last 20 years, I have told you of my great admiration for Village Women, 1999 on several occasions. Is it for sale? Do you sell posters? Anything... l have always loved it (and the Village Men), and I want it in my life eve
Date :   9/30/17
First Name :   Mindy
Comment :   Ive always loved your work, which I first discovered in the late 90s. I fell in love with felahat and felahin.
First Name :   john
Comment :   I really like most/many of your works - hope you can keep it up. John
First Name :   Ali
URL :   
Comment :   Great work Nagui. I am truly impressed. You should have an exhibition with all that amazing art work.
First Name :   Lucy
URL :   Mandour
Comment :   I went through your works you have developed your work a lot . I really really like your paintings, you have character and style in your work, I love your colors
First Name :   Mai
URL :   
Comment :   Beautiful artwork, very gifted. Thank you.
First Name :   Mary
URL :   
Comment :   As I saw most of these art pieces in nature I thing they are bright full and cheerful. Love them
First Name :   Magdy
Comment :   Very nice, a long journey with art and paintings......since school .
Name :   Heba Hagras
e-mail :
Comment :   iam a journalist at Al Ahram news paper
Name :   Regine Wendt
e-mail :
Comment :   I first see your work on facebook. I like it so much. A painting Einwanderer- Nil is my favorite picture. I try to wright a story about it.
Name :   nehal
e-mail :
Comment :   no comment
Name :   Gadya_petrovi4_Hrenova
e-mail :
Comment :   TARRIFIC SITE!
Name :   Koitko
e-mail :
Comment :   Very good site!Thanks!
Name :   Koshgko
e-mail :
Comment :   Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
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