Name :   Audie
Country :   AUSTRALIA
Comment :   Missy, your web site is spectacular! I just love Bella BB and Bailey BB - as you know. You have done a wonderful job and I congratulate you. Its been a wonderful experience.
Name :   Jeannie Pierson
Country :   USA
Comment :   I reached your website from SWheat Rescue. Your Wheatens are beautiful (spoiled!?) My Wheaten, Khaki is 3 and the love of our lives. Great website!!!
Name :   Carla G
Country :   US/UK
Comment :   It has been a while since I have visited the site. I love the photos of the dogs and the music is perfect. Thanks
First Name :   Karen
Country :   USA, California
Comment :   What a great job with this website! Your babies are beautiful, and so well behaved. Who would have known that they were Wheatens on the inside, too!
First Name :   Dave
Country :   USA
Comment :   Super website, and beautiful wheatens. My family is also owned by two wheatens, Molly and Reilly. They are the greatest. You can see them here, from Christmas 2007,
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