First Name :   brumncoeg
Favorite toast :
Comments :   TGcZU1 gzksmtjjdmcx , [url=]lbtcilxuckev[/url], [link=]ifzgjepfpzjm[/link],

First Name :   Sloane
Favorite toast :   Rye
Comments :   1982 till now. Memorizing artists and their works at your house. Even now I find myself listening to London Calling as I did in 1982. Although I was not the happiest kid and not the happiest adult either, I wish I could rewind to those days and play again

First Name :   Lana
Favorite toast :   Lessons from Joe
Comments :   Angus, I just read the story about Dad. I remember all of the times you mentioned. My memories of my Dad came back so vividly. The time I took him to the old house and took him hunting. I realize now the time I wasted not asking more things about his past

First Name :   *cough*
Favorite toast :   cheese toast
Comments :   Quote: Angus is as funny in person as he is on the page. Im looking forward to reading his memoir, Blame it on Tappan. -+-x-+- Its not Blame it on Tappan, its I Blame Tappan. =)

First Name :   Susan
Favorite toast :   Woodward (7 grain)
Comments :   I like your rye sense of humor.

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