Name :   Aunt Sara
Date :   10-21-06
Comment :   This website is so awesome,just like the family who is in it.Love to all.
Name :   Jamie
Date :   Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Comment :   Hi Jordan Family!! Love all the new updates. Hope all is well! Jamie
Name :   Jamie
Date :   Saturday, August 26, 2006
Comment :   Hi Jordan Family! Love the new updates - especially the dedication invitation. It is so sweet. Hope you are all doing well and have a great weekend, Jamie
Name :   Barbara
Date :   8/21/06
Comment :   Love all the picture updates. Its nice to see little Austin grow even if I havent met him yet. He has an amazing smile. :0) Lots of love and hugs for you 3.
Name :   Lisa (LiLi) Smith
Date :   August 11, 2006
Comment :   Laura and David, Austin is gorgeous. I want to do something for his dedication, but I want to talk to you about it first, son call me. Love yall, Lisa
Name :   Jamie Elmore
Date :   Tuesday, August 8, 2006
Comment :   Hi Jordan Family! Love all the new photos. That baby is just too cute. Hope you are having a great summer. Take Care, Jamie
Name :   Jamie Elmore
Date :   Friday, July 7, 2006
Comment :   Thanks for the photo updates. I cannot believe he is almost a month old. Hope you are all doing well, Jamie
Name :   Sherry Boggs
Date :   6/27/06
Comment :   Laura and David, congratulations on this beautiful bundle of joy. God is so awesome and what a blessing. He is absolutely precious.
Name :   Jamie Elmore
Date :   Monday, June 26, 2006
Comment :   Love all the new photos. You can really tell he is starting to wake up from his baby sleep. It always takes them a couple of weeks to show their true personality. Hope all is well.
Name :   Uncle John and Aunt Sandra
Date :   6/25/2006
Comment :   Austin is beautiful! We cant wait to meet him in person. Congratulations to you both. Austin sure has a set of fine parents. Love to the three of you.
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