First Name :   Jan Radcliffe
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Knoxville, Tn.
Comment :   You know that I love your music and I am looking for your new CD to come out. I am still looking for a Knoxville trip. I will certainly be there.

First Name :   Jan
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Knoxville, Tn.
Comment :   Hi Melinda,Glad to see you are working on another recording. I know it will be great.I still listen to your Wandering Suitcase CD.)Are you planning any gigs around the Knoxville area? I will keep close watch for your new CD to come out. Jan

First Name :   Diane
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Rome, GA
Comment :   Hi Melinda, My husband and I attended your session at the Stone Mountain games today. Your playing was extraordinary! Ive heard quite a few fiddlers, and your technique far exceeds anyone Ive seen before. Thanks for a wonderful day, even if it was cold an

First Name :   Danielle
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Wanship, UT
Comment :   Melinda--Beautiful music! I first heard you on PayPlay.

First Name :   Erin
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Richmond Hill, GA
Comment :   You have always impressed me... I feel lucky to have been able to sit in the hall outside our dorm rooms and listen to you play. You gave me chills! If you ever make it down to the Savannah area to play, look me up!

First Name :   Joyce LIu
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Oak Hill, VA
Comment :   I liked being one of your students it is very fun to play with you thank you for being such a great teacher for 2 years. I love your music its brilliant!!!

First Name :   Frank
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Pittsburgh
Comment :   Believe it or not, I saw you on Facebook as a fellow John Jakes fan. and You play wonderfully I must say! Frank

First Name :   WinterHawk
Email (Optional) :
Location :   western Pa, above Kittanning
Comment :   You have a nack for the sound. I started to play a year ago but put the fiddle down since. I find that it is not easy to follow a group. Hope to see and listen to you in July.

First Name :   Jack
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Willard, Ohio
Comment :   Loved you music at the Mansfield Library. Please let me know when the new CD comes out. Thanks.

First Name :   jon
Email (Optional) :
Location :   Mansfield OH
Comment :   I look forward to seeing you at the Mansfield Public Library on May 3rd. Thank You!

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