Name :   Danny Boy
Date :   05/16/2007
E-Mail :
Location :   New Joisey
Comments :   Come on all, everyone has to put their differences aside and get the RA back together again!!! Two small corps cannot compete in this day and age. Remember what we joined Drum and Bugle corps for? Last I remember, we perform for our fans!!! Nothing else m

Name :   Ralph Salvatore Pisano
Date :   030407
E-Mail :
Location :   Oracle Az.
Comments :   |I| love you BIG BLUE.

Name :   Bart Elliott
Date :   02/02/2007
E-Mail :
Location :   Nashville, TN
Comments :   Helping to spread the word about recruiting for the Chicago Royal Airs! Bart Elliott, founder Drummer Cafe

Name :   Bobby Johnson
Date :   2-27-2007
E-Mail :
Location :   Washington, D.C.
Comments :   I had the honor of working with Tru Crawford on numerous ocassions. Most notalbaly as a member of the USMC Drum & Bugle Corps where I marched with former Big Blue members Stanley Kubas (Stash) & Steve Fagiano and Bob Neidrich. I remember seeing the Roya

Name :   Jessica McLain
Date :   Febuary 3, 2007
E-Mail :
Location :   Michigan
Comments :   hey, royal airs, you guys rock! and thanks again for your Sie Lurye scholarship in 2006, it made my summer possible!!

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