Name :   Mary Pochatko
Comment :   Hello Mr. Helsel, I have had the pleasure of working with you as the conductor of the Mercer County Chorus Festival and as the accompanist (my apologies if that is spelled incorrectly) of the District 5 Choir Festival. I have heard some of your ensembles
Name :   Laura Brown
Comment :   Dude!! Whats up? This is laura a 07 grad. I was in your chanticleer during your kyrie eleison fettish... :-D Im going to compete in Kean Idol and I was hoping you could throw some song ideas my way. I LOVED a lot of the songs we did(even a few K.E. songs)
Name :   Bryan Helsel
Comment :   Thanks, John. If youre on Facebook, you can become a fan of Helsel Music Services if you like. See you at future PMEA events!
Name :   John Meanor
Comment :   Excellent job on the District 5 Choir CD! I cant stop listening to it. Thank you!
Name :   Judi Figel
Comment :   Hey, Bryan! You did a WONDERFUL job playing and singing with me at the LeMont last night! Thanks for bailing me out of the piano duties! Great voice, too. I had to Google you to make sure I had the correct spelling of your name and I FOUND you! Look for a
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